Pilot School Autonomia 1. Year of Elementary School

05/07/2016 13:13

Learning computing with SCRATCH developing an interactive story with the 1. Year at the School Autonomia

Here are the first examples of projects programmed by the students. To run the interactive stories you must first click on the green flag on the images to start the programs. You can interact using the right/left arrow keys to make little red riding hood  walk, the wolf eat or the scene change etc. You can also view the SCRATCH code programmed by the student, clicking on the project name to access the project and the code programmed at the SCRATCH site.

Project A

Project B

Project C

Access here all projects.

Read more: GRESSE VON WANGENHEIM, C.; NUNES, V. R.; DOS SANTOS, G. D. Ensino de Computação com SCRATCH no Ensino Fundamental – Um Estudo de Caso. Revista Brasileira de Informática na Educação, 22(03), 2014. (pdf)