Visual design of apps


A hands-on user interface visual design workshop for participants to enter the world of computing by learning to design and program a visual design for Android applications. Participants learn visual design by designing the interfaces of an application to visualize collection points for recyclable material.

During the workshop, participants execute the entire process for the visual design of app interfaces step-by-step using MIT App Inventor 2, even if they have never programmed before. And so, they will learn concepts of visual design and programming aligned with the guidelines of the K-12 curriculum (CSTA, 2017) (AIGA, 2013).

Duration: 3 – 4 hours

Level: Beginner, basic knowledge in programming with App Inventor is recommended.

Age: 12 – 18 years

App Inventor 2   is an open source web application originally provided by Google, and now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). To create your app, all you need is a browser (e.g. Chrome), a free Google account and an internet connection to download your apps to an Android device (phone or tablet) using a wireless network. You can share your app on the gallery for free or upload it to the Google Play website (in this case there is a registration fee to register as a developer).

Courseware. For the non-commercial application, we are making available an initial version of the didactic material under the UFSC Term of Use and the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Shared 4.0 International license (in Brazilian Portuguese only):

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The course was developed by the initiative Computação na Escola/INCoD/INE/UFSC in cooperation with the Hiperlab/CCE/UFSC as part of academic work. See our publications here.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Warranty Disclaimer