The initiative Computing in Schools organizes and participates in various kinds of events focusing on the teaching of computing:

Teaching the programming and visual design of apps

  • High School of the Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina/Câmpus São José (2019)

Young Computing Tutors

Workshops – Physical Computing 

  • Workshops – Physical Computing for Children (8 – 12 years) and Parents (2015)
    • Physical Computing Workshop at INE/UFSC (SC) 08/08/2015
    • Physical Computing Workshop at Hamonia School/Ibirama (SC) 29/08/2015
    • Physical Computing Workshop at INE/UFSC (SC) 17/10/2015
    • Physical Computing Workshop at IFSC/Gaspar (SC)  20 and 22/10/2015
    • Physical Computing Workshop at INE/UFSC (SC) 07/11/2015
    • Physical Computing Workshop at INE/UFSC (SC) 14/11/2015

Workshops – Programming with SCRATCH

Article on the workshops: C. Gresse von Wangenheim, A. von Wangenheim. Teaching Game Programming in Family Workshops. IEEE Computer Magazine, 47(8), August 2014.



Pilot in Schools 

In order to stimulate and to enable children to develop competencies in computing/software development in elementary/high school, the initiative Computing at School assists in carrying out pilot projects in schools.

Workshop: App development with App Inventor

Physical Computing Workshop in Schools

We also applied our physical computing workshop in schools:

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