Create Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an Artificial Intelligence technique currently used in various devices and services that are part of our daily lives, such as recommendations, medical diagnostics, or autonomous vehicles. Therefore, it is important to know what is behind this technology to enable its use in a responsible and conscious manner, in addition to creating smart solutions, so it is important to popularize a basic understanding of Machine Learning technologies. Many countries even see the growth of Artificial Intelligence (including Machine Learning) as the main strategy to promote competitiveness, requiring more people to follow this career.

Thus, this course introduces basic concepts of Machine Learning, such as learning algorithms and fundamentals of neural networks, as well as it discusses the limitations and ethical concepts related to Machine Learning. The course also teaches the application of these concepts, taking you to create your first machine learning model of image recognition for garbage separation.

Duration            4 hours (online course)
Level                    Beginner
Age                      12 – 18 years

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For the non-commercial application in a school context, we are providing a complete version of the didactic material (in Brazilian Portuguese only).

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