Closing Event of the Young Programming Tutors 2018 Project

18/12/2018 10:51

The Project Young Programming Tutors 2018, coordinated by the initiative Computação na Escola/INCoD/INE/UFSC and realized at the school Escola Básica Almirante Carvalhal, was closed with an event held at the headquarters of the sponsoring company Involves Tecnologia e Inovação.

During the event, Prof. Jean Hauck of the initative Computação na Escola presented the main results achieved by the project:

  • Training of Young Tutors and volunteer Mentors
  • Apps Programming Workshops for middle school students, conducted by the volunteer Mentors and supported by Young Tutors, teaching computing to more than 60 school students
  • Training and mentoring of Young Tutors learning how to develop their own apps in order to resolve problems in their community
  • Developing an instructional unit specific for app development, by teaching, in addition to computing, concepts of design thinking and UX/UI design

The Young Tutors presented the apps they developed during the project:

  • Achei seu Emprego : developed by Maiza Elizabeth Machado and Vyviane Pimentel da S. Costa
  • AppPhone: developed by Gabriel Marques da Silva and Liz Furtado Domingues
  • InfoCarvalhal: developed by Guilherme Cadona da Silva and João Vitor D. de Andrade
  • FloripaPraias: developed by Darwin Wogt de Oliveira and Guilherme Carminatti
  • HealthyPlants: developed by Maria Eduarda da S. Cruz and Manuela Egerland Bueno

More details about the apps:

The project was made possible by the financial support of Involves Tecnologia e Inovação, which also enabled its employees to participate as volunteer Mentors.

Likewise, the participation and involvement of the teachers and the administration of the Escola Básica Almirante Carvalhal were fundamental for the success of the project.

Companies/organizations interested in sponsoring other projects of Young Programming Tutors can contact the initiative Computação na Escola via telephone (48) 3721-7380 / (48) 3721-4715 or email: computacaonaescola @